Business Process Management

New Vision helps develop intelligent workflows that recreate your business processes to deliver greater efficiency. Learn how we empower your teams with modern business processes that leverage organizational data coupled with modern technologies to deliver greater ROI, Agility and Efficiency. Our BPM services focus on Standardizing processes, enabling continuous change and Improving existing processes.

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New Vision is a Pega Implementation Partner, comprising a select few companies across the world to hold the elite position. With 40+ Pega certified team members we help implement Pega’s AI-powered solutions to optimize stakeholder interaction processes on any channel while maintaining Clients Brand Commitment.

Solution driven approach

We prioritize customer pain points above all else and make it the basis of our solution proposal. We leverage our domain expertise across various verticals in addition to our research focused approach to provide you a tailored business process that accurately solves your challenge. Our Solution driven approach improves efficiency, enhances agility and boosts profitability by managing and evolving processes and applications that cater to dynamically changing business models.

Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology

We follow Agile Methodology, delivering in short, snackable increments. Our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) solution approach delivers value, integrates real-time feedback, and course-corrects in time to avoid any misalignment. Our BPM consultants adhere to the following process to ensure this:

  • Step 1: Design
  • Step 2: Model
  • Step 3: Execute
  • Step 4: Monitor
  • Step 5: Optimize

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  • Efficient end-to-end standardized business processes
  • Improved effectiveness and efficiency of Operations
  • Optimized visibility throughout the business ecosystem
  • Access to structured and unstructured data
  • Improved alignment between Business and IT
  • Reduced costs

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