Managed Services

Managing Technology for you.

Technology has evolved at a very rapid speed over the past few years. It is not possible for organizations to focus on their LOB as well as stay up to date with modern IT Trends. More and more organizations are realizing that most internal IT services aren’t equipped to keep up with the pace of innovation. As a result, most small to midsize businesses find their approach to IT reactive rather than proactive. This leads to a huge gap between IT Capabilities and the demands of a growing business in a digital world. Outsourcing Managed Services empowers businesses to do what they do best while technology partners back their capabilities with robust IT support.

NewVision Managed Services

NewVision Managed Services

NewVision provides affordable, predictable managed IT solutions. We strictly adhere to the ITSMF framework, namely ITIL for our Managed Services offerings. Our Managed IT Services business enables our clients to get the most out of their technology investment, while minimizing the up-front cost. Our Managed Services approach and methodology is adaptable, transparent, and follows industry best practices to ultimately reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your cloud services and IT investments, while creating long term value.

Right balances of services

Our managed services team offers a range of services, including IT consulting, business continuity planning, disaster recovery strategy, cloud services and maintenance, website hosting and DevOps as a Service.

We work with your teams to find the right balances of services to support your business.

  • Full life cycle management of custom applications
  • including lightweight architectural assessments, s
  • ongoing maintenance.

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Reduce your operational overhead and risk with NewVisions Managed Services which will help automate regular operations and provide full-lifecycle services to provision, run, and support your infrastructure.

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